Our History

The Sneedville Utility District was created by Dana H. Bowlin, County Judge, and the Hancock County Commission on September 29, 1951.  The District was granted an official Charter from the Tennessee Secretary of State February 17, 1978.  

A small tract of land in the Tenth Civil District of Hancock County was Optioned to Purchase by Sneedville Utility District Board of Commissioners, B.L. Satterfield, Chairman; A.Y. "Sonny" Turner, and J.E. Mills on October 25, 1951 from C.W. Greene and his wife, Martha Greene.  The tract of land is fifty (50) feet square, adjoining the highway and surrounding what is know as "Fall Branch Spring". In consideration of this Option to Purchase, the Sneedville Utility District is to build a trough as a reservoir to hold at least 400 gallons of water, with a guarantee flow of water into the trough of at least 2,500 gallons of water per day.  There shall be an installation of a pump of sufficient size to provide flow of over 300 gallons of water per hour to the residence of C.W. Greene and wife Martha Greene.  The Sneedville Utility District shall install a 42 inch kitchen sink and cabinet in the kitchen of C.W. Greene and wife Martha Greene residence. Sneedville Utility District shall give employment to C.W. Greene as attendant to the equipment and chlorinated station, and shall pay a salary of $15.00 per month to satisfactorily perform these duties.  C.W. Greene and wife Martha Greene is to execute a good and lawful Warranty Deed at a later date to the Sneedville Utility District before commencement of construction of the water works system.

A Warranty Deed was executed by C.W. Greene and wife Martha Greene to Sneedville Utility District May 14, 1952, recorded in Warranty Deed Book 18, Page 247-249, in the Register of Deeds Office of Hancock County, Tennessee, and being MAP 54, Parcel 61.00 in the Property Assessor's Office of Hancock County, Tennessee.