Water Rates 2018-2019


0-1000 gallons: 27.91 + tax

$8.45 per additonal 1000 gallon


0-1500 gallons: $48.41 + tax

$8.45 per addtional 1000 gallon

Leak Protection

We offer leak adjustment for all customers for an additional cost of $2.20 which is automatically included in the monthly bill. This covers the customers leak gallons.  

May only be used one time in a 12 month period.

Water Rules and Regulations


Applying for Service

If you desire to be a customer of SUD, please stop by the Sneedville Utility District Office to make Application for Service.  Each prospective customer requesting water may be required to sign the standard form of application for service or contract before service is permitted, discontinued, or transferred.

Policy of Non-discrimination

This policy, held by the Commission, reflects that there is no discrimination against credit applicants on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, or marital status (providing the applicant has the capacity to enter into a binding contract), because all or part of the applicant's income is derived from any public assistance program, or because the applicant has in good faith exercised any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act.

Service Charge for Residential and Commercial/Industrial Customers

A Service Charge in the amount of $100.00 shall be made before service of water is supplied to a residential, commercial, or industrial customer.

Right of Access

Sneedville Utility District's identified employees shall have access to Customer premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of reading meters, testing, inspection, repairing, removing, or exchanging any or all equipment belonging to SUD.  Customer shall be responsible for the protection of SUD's employees from Customer's pets and animals.


Bills for water will be rendered monthly and shall be payable on or before the designated due date of bill at the Sneedville Utility District Office.  Failure to receive a bill will not release Customer from payment obligation.  The bill is due and payable on the billing date which is the 15th of each month.  Payments made after the 15th of the month are subject to a late payment charge.  The late payment penalty charge will be computed at a rate of 10% of the water bill excluding other charges and sales tax.  Should the due date of the bill fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or a Holiday observed by the United States Postal Service, the next business day following the due date will be held as a date of grace for delivery of payment.  Remittances received by mail after the due date are NOT subject to such additional charges id the incoming envelope bears a United States Postal Service date stamp of the due date or any date prior thereto.

Miscellaneous Service Charges

Miscellaneous Service Charges will be billed to the Customer for the following reasons:

  • Return Check Charge:  $25.00
  • Connection Fee (during office hours):  $100.00
  • Re-connect for non-payment:  $25.00
  • Connect, Disconnect, Re-connect Service (after hours):  $25.00
  • Residential Meter:  $1,200.00
  • Meter with Bore:  $1,700.00
  • Commercial Meter:  $2000.00 + Cost